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What determines who gets what and how much of a society’s resources? What determines who participates and to what level in the capitalist production process? These questions have been at the center of sociological inquiry for decades. Drawing on structural sociological theories and using large-scale survey data and various statistical methodologies, I offer new theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence to these timeless questions. The following are some examples of my published research on inequality, work, employment, small business and entrepreneurship.


I. Economic Inequality, Gender Inequality, and Entrepreneurship

  • Auguste, Daniel, Stephen Roll and Mathieu Despard. Online First (2/2022). “The Precarity of Self-employment among Low- and Moderate-income Households." Social Forces.




  • Auguste, Daniel. 2020. “Who Becomes a Business Owner in High-Inequality Regimes? The Conditioning Effect of Economic Inequality on the Impact of Individual Educational and Financial Endowment on Entrepreneurship.” Social Currents, 7(2): 131–154.

II. Inequality, Welfare State, Globalization, Social Capital and Culture

  • Auguste, Daniel. 2022. “Unpacking the Mechanisms Linking Religion and Socioeconomic Standing of Individuals: An Empirical and Cross-national Analysis.” Sociological Forum, 37(4):1083-1107.

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